Lush Christmas Range

This is my favourite time of the year to visit Lush as all of the christmas range is available to buy!

It’s so easy to find christmas presents in here as Lush do pre-packed christmas gifts which contain a few different products all within a price range from £9.95-£170! I must say the £170 gift box looks amazing and seems to contain just about every item in the shop but it’s slightly out of my price range!!

The first christmas item I bought was the Magic Wand, this is a reusable bubble bar which you wave around your bath just like a wand as it’s filling up and wall-ah! Lots of bubbles are created. The Magic Wand smells of candy floss and bubble gum.



The next item I purchased was the Santasaurus bubble bar which smells very nice with the main scents being Brazilian orange and bergamot oil. I thought this little christmassy dinosaur was too cute to resist!



The Golden Wonder bath bomb is one of my favourites, again a citrus scent but the best part is when it fizzes away in the bath, releasing lots of colours and a shimmer of glitter. A very pretty bath bomb that leaves your skin feeling great and slightly glittery!



The Christmas Penguin, how cute! Citrus scents must be my favourite as this one contains bergamot oil and Sicilian lemon oil. This is an adorable bubble bar which you break into pieces under running water to create a turquoise bath of bubbles.



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