Conker Hunting!


When Autumn arrives, it always reminds me of one thing in particular, conkers!

Conkers are a hard brown nut, normally known as a chestnut but not the same type as you eat. They are found inside a green or brown prickly shell.



As a family we go conker hunting every year. It’s one of those traditions where no matter how old you get, it’s still good fun to do. For me Autumn is not official until I have found some conkers!

We usually go to the same tree every year and are never disappointed. I did notice that the tree was looking a little bit sad and bare so I’m not sure how much longer we will be able to get conkers from it, however we have great memories of this tree as we have come back here often over the past 10 years.





The land where we find the conker tree is also great for trails of autumn coloured leaves and we also noticed some blackberries this time meaning they must be in season!


Let me know if you have any Autumn traditions!



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