Lush Halloween Range


I love Lush, something to jazz up the bath! I went in for a look last week and came out with a selection of bath stuff from the Lush Autumn/Halloween range. The bag of bath bombs has been sitting in my room for the past week and it smells amazing!

The first bath bomb I picked up was Lord of Misrule, people seem to love or hate the smell of this bath bomb and i actually quite like it. It smells like black pepper mixed with citrus fruits. In the bath it bubbles away with shades of pink and green before leaving the bath a purple/wine colour.dsc_0574


My mum then picked out this soap, Fireside. I am still not sure about the smell of this. Cloves, spices and coconut oil. I definitely get the smell of cloves but there is another smell that I just can’t seem to name! I love the colours of this soap as they remind me of Autumn, the pattern reminds me of a flam on an open fire.dsc_0571


I then picked up the pumpkin bath bomb. This is a strong scented bath bomb and the smell is just like orange flavoured sweeties. This one fizzes away leaving the bath water bright orange. This one is my favourite scent so far from the halloween range.



The last bath bomb i picked up was Monster’s ball. I chose this one because it looked fun and reminded me of Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc. Scented with lime oil, this one smells very fresh. It has cocoa butter as an ingredient so it leaves your skin more moisturised than other bombs. Over all a very cute bath bomb!


Stay tuned as next month I will be posting some of the Lush Christmas range.


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