My Favourite Holiday


Today I am sharing my favourite holiday with you.

We visited Rhodes, Greece two years ago and it was the best holiday I’ve had. We rented our own villa with a private pool and hire car. The villa was lovely, it was so nice being able to get up whenever we wanted and go for a swim or sunbathe at any time of the day. The temperature was around 35 degrees so very hot. We found that we didn’t have huge appetites because it was so hot so we would have melon for breakfast and eat light snacks throughout the day. A few days after we arrived we noticed a man at the side of the road selling watermelon out of the back of his pick-up. The watermelon was so cheap and lovely and fresh. We would go to the local supermarket and buy whatever groceries we needed and I would have a wander round checking out all the different things the shop sold. Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets excited over foreign supermarkets? There’s just something I find exciting about different snacks and products that different countries sell.

It was great having the hire car as we could go on ‘mystery tours’ and one day we decided to drive around the whole island setting off in the morning, stopping off in different villages and we also found many beautiful beaches one with huge waves and the silhouette of a small island in the distance, another with lots of pebbles and clear turquoise water. One of the beaches, we went back to on our last day and we rented a pedalo and went swimming in the sea it was great. Stopping at another village we found a little taverna that sold some lovely food and we took a walk around this very local village and we noticed that almost all of the villas grew their own grapes and other fruit. We even saw a field of watermelons which was pretty cool! Time flew by on this road trip and we got home very late at night after a lovely day.

We visited the village of Lindos which has a ruin of an acropolis which had the most breathtaking views. To get to the Acropolis you have to walk up lots of steps but it didn’t seem to take any time at all. There were also donkeys that would walk up so far as well.

In Lindos there are lots of gift shops, ice cream stops and restaurants, again another beautiful village.

We also visited Rhodes Town which is a popular tourist destination with historic attractions such as the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. We came here for a boat ride to the island of Symi, this island was full of colourful buildings. We went on a fun little train ride around the island which meant we were able to capture all the lovely views. On this ferry trip we also stopped at Panormitis which unfortunately we only had time to stop for a drink but from the small amount of the island that we saw it looked lovely, we also noticed it had a monastery which looked interesting.

Rhodes is such a beautiful island full of picturesque beaches, architecture and villages. I would definitely recommend visiting Rhodes and to make the most of the island hire a car.



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