The Autumn Tag

I came across the Autumn Tag and decided why not join in as I love Autumn and this tag will also remind me about all the things i love around this time of the year.

1. Favourite thing about Autumn?

My favourite thing about Autumn has to be the scenery, especially where I live. When the leaves turn to their many shades of orange and the lochs are ever so still.

2. Favourite drink?

My favourite drink is either a spiced chai latte or a hot chocolate with some fresh whipped cream on top. Writing this has now put me in the mood for either of these two drinks!

3. Favourite scent/candle?

I don’t actually have a specific candle that I always have in Autumn but anything with the scent of cinnamon is perfect.

4. Favourite lipstick?

I like Plumful by MAC in Autumn and Winter as it is slightly darker than my usual favourite Hot Gossip. I would love to wear a darker lip but i just don’t have the confidence to rock it!

5. Favourite Autumn colour?

They’re not the most exciting colours but I would say browns, greys and burgundy.

6. Go to colour for eyes in Autumn?

My go to colour would definitely be different shades of brown.

7. What is your favourite Autumn activity?

Definitely sitting in on a dark evening watching movies curled up on the sofa with a warm fluffy blanket!

8. Favourite outfit to wear?

Brown ankle boots, tights, a skirt and a shirt tucked in.

9. Autumn treat?

My favourite Autumn treat would probably be the same as my favourite drink, a hot chocolate with some cream on top.

10. What tv show are you looking forward to this autumn?

I would have to say the Good Witch on Netflix as it is such an easy listening programme with the most relaxing music in the background. Autumn/Winter seems to come around a lot on the series therefore it’s a good one to watch at this time of year.


I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what your favourite things about Autumn are too!




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