Autumn Bucket List

We are now well into Autumn and i’m possibly a little bit late but I thought I would start an Autumn bucket list. All of the things i hope to do to make the most of this season.

  1. Search for conkers, a ‘conker’ is the seed in which you would find chestnuts but not the type you should eat. Conkers always remind me of Autumn because as a family we have always gone out and collected conkers always having a competition of who can find the biggest one

2.Drink lots of Chai Tea Lattes – to some this may be more of a winter thing but when it starts to get cold outside a Chai Tea Latte is the perfect thing to warm you up, full of Autumnal/winter spices.

3. Buy at least one warm, wooly scarf. A wooly scarf is essential for Autumn/winter and i currently have none! I have seen one in a shop window where I live so I must go and make the purchase!

4. Toast marshmallows on an open fire. I don’t think this one needs explaining, it’s both a delicious and autumnal thing to do!

5. Carve a pumpkin.

6. Last but not least – Go into Lush and buy some of their Halloween bath bombs.

I will be making a blog post in a couple of weeks time to see if I have completed my Autumn bucket list!


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