If I Won The Lottery


Today’s post is one of a fantasy. Occasionally my Dad and I get a lucky dip for the Saturday night lottery and of course I always think ‘Ooh these numbers are good! This is it, we are actually going to win this time.’ and of course we never do but in those few hours I think about all the things I would do with my millions if I won.

The first thing I would do is book a holiday, probably to Greece as I love it there. A holiday always seems like a good idea especially after a lottery win as you would be able to relax (in a luxury villa or 5 star hotel of course) and think about what you are going to do with the money.

Once I get back from my holiday I would start the search for a property that is needing ‘done up’. I have always had an interest in property and I think it would be great to be able to decorate and furnish a property to my taste. This would turn into an investment as after I had finished decorating the property I would rent it out or sell it and move onto my next property.

I would probably look out for a plot of land to build my own house on. It always seems like a dream to be able to design and build your own house exactly to your taste so winning the lottery would definitely fund me to do this!

I would make sure all of my family are financially secure wether it be paying off mortgages or helping out in other ways.

There are also lots of little things I’d do such as donating to a charity, starting a magazine subscription and go on a shopping spree each season to update my wardrobe! Life would be  great.

Oh to dream!!



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