Bridget Jones’s Baby Review

Last weekend I went to see Bridget Jones’s Baby. I am a big fan of the Bridget Jones films as they are all very relatable and ever so funny!

After having to wait twelve years for another film, Bridget Jones’s Baby did not let me down, full of humour and emotion it was the perfect chick flick/girl’s night out film!

I love the character that Renee Zellweger portrays as I think we all have a little Bridget in us wether it’s owning big pants or always ending up doing something cringe worthy! I am amazed that after 12 years Renee was still able to do such an amazing British accent.

In this film Bridget Jones is 43 and single. All of her friends have had babies and Bridget’s mother is constantly pestering her to have one too but she has not found the perfect man to start a family with yet. Bridget’s work friend Miranda decides to surprise her with a fun trip to a music festival and that’s where she meets and hits it off with new guy ‘Jack’ who is very attractive and charming. A few days later Bridget is god mother at a christening and the god father ends up being none other than Mark Darcy, the awkward ex and of course they re kindle their love for that one night. Bridget ends up pregnant and is unsure who the father is – Jack or  Mark Darcy. Many times during the film you think you know who is going to be the father but you don’t find out until the very, very end!

At first I wasn’t sure about Patrick Dempsey’s character as ‘Jack’ but as the film went on I became very fond of him and his charming ways. Of course ‘Mr Darcy’ was just as sumptuous as always! This is a light-hearted, relatable film full of giggles and teary moments and I can’t wait for the fourth film which i hope we don’t have to wait as long for!


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