Meaning Behind Dare To Dream


Some of you may be wondering why I chose to call my blog ‘Dare To Dream’ so I am writing this post to answer that question.

I am a dreamer, my head is full of fantasies and things that I have to make happen. Things such as going on a road trip across Canada and being able to see all the beautiful places or one day finding Mr Right and starting a family. Another dream is meeting certain celebrities such as Niall Horan and I know that this probably will not happen but I dare to dream.

Why say that something will never happen. If any of my dreams came true I’d think of myself very lucky and I’d probably be very content.

Dreams are things that don’t happen in everyday life, usually you have to make a little more effort to achieve them. I know that one day I could make my dream of going to Canada on a road trip come true, it would just mean saving up a whole load of money and going in 5 years time or something.

I think it’s a good thing to have dreams and aspirations.

Dream, Believe, Achieve – Diversity.


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