My Favourite YouTubers

Hello, today’s blog post is a list of my favourite YouTubers. I started watching YouTube at least three years ago. My favourite type of videos are vlogs I find them quite relaxing to watch and i will usually watch vlogs instead of tv. I’m always looking for new YouTubers to subscribe to so please do leave your suggestions below.

1. SacconeJoly’s

The SacconeJoly’s are a growing family of four and daily vlog every single day. Anna and Jonathan have two children, Emilia who is 4 and Eduardo 2 and a half. Just a couple of weeks ago Anna and Jonathan announced that they are expecting baby number 3 – which I am super excited about! They seem a nice family and always make great videos.


2. Thatcher Joe 

Thatcher Joe aka Joe Sugg makes the funniest videos on YouTube. My favourite videos of his are definitely the impressions as he is amazingly talented and can do a very accurate impression of just about anyone!

3. Louise Pentland (Sprinkle Of Glitter/chatter)

Louise has such a wonderful personality, she is funny and honest. Louise makes the best vlogs in my opinion as they are real and always make you giggle. She has recently decided that she wants to make her channel more adult friendly than child friendly and I think it’s the perfect decision for her as she will be more in her comfort zone being free to say whatever she likes and sharing more grown up topics such as politics, religion and life as a 30 year old single mother. Louise has a daughter called Darcy and you can see that they have such a wonderful bond together and Louise and Matt (ex husband) have done such an excellent job of bringing her up. I look forward to her new style of videos in the future.

4. Zoella

I think Zoe Sugg is just about everyone’s favourite YouTuber. I must admit I do prefer watching her vlogs over her main channel videos. Zoe’s vlogs are usually over twenty minutes long but i love this fact as you feel like you get to know her better and share more of her day with her. Zoe has anxiety and often speaks up on the subject talking about how anxiety makes her feel and shares things that have helped her which i find very helpful. She has lots of fun days out doing nice things around Brighton or spending time with friends. Zoe seems such a friendly, bubbly person and this definitely comes through in her videos.

5. Hannah Maggs

You may know Hannah better from her family channel The Michalaks where they post very aesthetically pleasing weekly vlogs which I love watching. Hannah is a beauty blogger but the thing i love most about her channel are her follow-me-along ‘raw’ vlogs. A completely different style to the videos on The Michalaks. She will vlog her days spent with her son Grayson and husband Stef. Hannah has a lovely personality and it definitely comes across on her channel. I think this family is very hard-working and you really see how much work has to be put into running a YouTube channel proving that it is definitely a real job!!


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