Photography: My favourite photo

I bought a nice, fancy camera about a year ago and i am still getting the hang of it basically by pressing lots of different buttons and trying out all the settings to see what photo comes out best.

My camera is a Nikon D3300 and so far it has been quite simple to use for the photos that i want.

I thought i would share my favourite photo that i have taken on the camera since i bought it. dsc_0123I was on holiday in the North of Scotland and was testing out my camera when i found a bush full of Bumble Bees, so i got as close as i could and SNAP… This photo was taken! The reason why i love this photo is because it was one of my first photos taken and it looked quite professional. I had managed to blur the background and mainly focus on the Bee and what i find impressive is all the detail of it’s ‘fur’ and wings.

I had the photo blown up and printed onto a canvas and it always reminds me of one of those default pictures – you know on computers you can pick a default background of flowers or landscapes – this reminds me of that for some reason!

Let me know what you think and feel free to comment with your favourite photo that you have taken.

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