Poem: One Bright Day

A few weeks ago i woke up to a beautiful day. The sun was shining, not a cloud was to be seen. This inspired me to write a poem and the words and images flowed into my mind as i wrote them down. I hope you can see the images created and please let me know what you think or feel free to share some of your writing with me!

One Bright Day

Awoken by light,
No longer the night,
I find myself yawning,
What a beautiful morning.

After finding something to wear,
I trundle down the stairs,
Leaving home,
I head out alone.

Strolling through the park,
Dogs bark,
Children play,
Not one cloud is grey.

I find somewhere to eat,
Sat out in the heat,
A waitress so cheerful,
And food so delightful.

Time for some exercise,
Sun cream would be wise,
I make my way up the hill,
Finding a lake ever so still.

I sit down for a few,
And take in the glorious view,
I’d love to stay,
One bright day.


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