PLL Midseason Finale

So let’s talk about that Pretty Little Liars midseason finale!

***If you have not seen season 7, episode 10 then close this page now as there will be a lot of spoilers in this blog post. ***

First of all I want to say that The Darkest Knight has been the best episode for at least two seasons. Full of twists and surprises (good and bad).

The first thing I am picking up on is Mona is always there when you need her, showing her loyalty once again to Hanna when she becomes a missing person. I love the character Mona and am glad she was involved in the midseason finale but for some reason I still have my suspisions about her.

Haleb back together?! It would’ve been so wrong if Marlene King hadn’t put them back together. Haleb are serious goals and are just perfect together. It had been so obvious that Caleb and Hanna still had feelings for each other since the season began and it was only right for them to get back together which I am so happy about!! Hanna is my favourite character in pll and Haleb are my top ship.

Ali is pregnant! Who would’ve ever expected that? It was definitely one of the biggest surprises for me but, the question is, is the baby really Archer’s? There is one fan conspiracy going around that the baby is actually Emily’s. Remember when Emily donated her eggs and then they got stolen? Well, the theory is Archer stole the eggs and artificially inseminated them into Ali and now Ali is carrying her baby. Why else would they have made such a big deal of ‘A’ stealing the eggs? On another note are Emison becoming a thing again… I think so! But surely we can’t have all of our favourite couples be together because after all this is Pretty Little Liars.

And that brings me on to Ezria. Nicole was found alive in Colombia and Aria sees Ezra and Nicole reuniting on the news. This leaves us with another question, who will Ezra pick, Nicole or Aria? From season 1 to 6 I never shipped Ezria but season 7 has completely changed my opinion and i really want them to stay with each other and get married! Hopefully we find out in season 7B.

Another surprise was Spoby. Spencer goes to say goodbye to Toby and oh, it was so emotional. Spencer gives Toby a book of poetry which obviously means a lot to them both and you can see how much they still mean to each other with the looks they give and things they say. As spencer walks away after saying goodbye she turns around and says ‘Toby, can I kiss you… Just one last time… Just to say goodbye.’ And oh my, this was so beautiful and romantic. Spoby kiss and they look so perfect together once again. You hope that Toby will say something like ‘Spencer, wait i still love you’ But after the kiss Spencer just walks away and it looks like Toby is about to burst into tears.

Now after all that romance we of course then go back to pll being classic pll with Hanna finding out that Noel Kahn is not Mary Drake’s son and is he is probably not A.D. There is one problem though… Hanna has Noel tied up to a chair in an old motel room and has to come up with a plan on how to get rid of him without getting herself into a lot of trouble. So all the Liars go to the motel and of course Noel is not there and neither is Hanna’s camera with the video on it that clearly shows that Hanna kidnapped Noel.

Then the Liars get a text from A.D arranging a place for them to meet so Hanna can hand over the computer drive that has the evidence of Noel being in the playhouse with the liars and A.D will give back the camera.

Ooh the suspense!

So the Liars arrive at this creepy house that has rats crawling about the place and very dull lighting. We also see that Mary Drake is in the house but the liars don’t know this. Then on a tannoy system Jenna says where to leave the computer drive and the girls hear the camera upstairs so they go upstairs. The house seems is super creepy at this point and there is a room of old dolls that the girls walk into and find the camera so they try to get our of the house but of course Emily has left her phone upstairs…

Emily and Hanna go back upstairs and that’s when Noel appears says ‘You really think we’d let you leave, you know too much.’Hanna and Emily run into another room and Noel grabs some kind of Knights weapon with a blade on each side, and of course it’s dark so Noel can’t find the girls. Then we go back downstairs to Spencer, Aria and Ali and Jenna appears with a gun and she wants to get revenge on her being blinded by the Liars. She switches of the lights and says ‘Alison is that you? You’ve been the bitch, the missing girl, the dead girl… tonight you get to be me.’ So the girls are all blind in the dark as Jenna is walking around the house with a gun and Noel with some kind of sledge hammer. Emily and Hanna manage to sneak up behind Noel and push him over resulting in him falling and BEING BLOOMING DECAPITATED!! His head rolls down the stairs and it’s so freaky.

 Then it’s Jenna against the other girls and Spencer gets shot. This is when Mary Drake appears whilst Jenna who has been knocked over and knocked out gets dragged away by someone…

Mary Drake comforts Spencer singing a lullaby. Spencer seems to be loosing consciousness (i am so sad at this point as i really don’t want Spencer to die as she is my second favourite character) and all the liars appear around her and Mary Drake says to Spencer ‘I would never hurt you, i’m your mother.’ and I’m just like  I KNEW IT! I KNEW SPENCER WAS MARY’S OTHER CHILD and i’m so glad to get something right from all of these theories!

We leave the creepy house and an ambulance drives up to a crashed car and inside is Toby and Yvonne. Poor Toby is unconscious and we are left wondering how he crashed and if he was alive or not. We can’t loose Toby and Spencer at the same time, this is too much for me to handle!!

Then the very last twist is Jenna lying in a car that is being driven by… A.D!

So Noel is not A.D and Jenna is not either. So who is it? All will be revealed from April when season 7 returns for the very last 10 episodes.

I’m so excited for 7B and can’t wait for all our questions to be answered but at the same time i really don’t want PLL to end! It’s been such a great series and it has had so many twists and turns and mysteries! I have no idea who A.D is and can’t wait to finally find out in April!

I can’t believe i have just written a whole blog post on one episode from a tv series but it was exciting and i just had to share how i felt!

Let me know what you thought of the episode and leave any theories you have in the comments!


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