Dream Road Trip

A few months ago I started watching a tv series called ‘Good Witch’ it’s a very relaxed series set in a beautiful town in Canada. I know the show is all fantasy but the town is just so pretty and i am desperate to visit it!

The town is set in Niagara On The Lake in Canada, a lovely old-fashioned town with horse and carts and it just looks picture perfect.

I’ve always wanted to visit Canada and after watching the Good Witch it’s made me even more eager to go. After doing a load of research online at all the most popular places to visit it has become one of my dreams. October seems to be a great month to go as the trees have changed colour to the many shades of orange and the lakes look stunning, so clear and blue. It would also be Halloween time that I fancy going and it seems to be celebrated to a much higher scale in Canada. There are so many places that look pretty and the only way i could see them all would be to go on a road trip, travelling to a different place every couple of days and staying in lots of different motels en route.

Prince Edward Island, Lake Louise, Fogo Island, Toronto, Quebec… The list could go on and on!

One day I’d love to visit and I really hope i don’t have to wait too long.

The fact that parts of Canada are often said to be similar to Scotland makes me think that I would feel quite comfortable there and almost at home.

Have any of you been to Canada? Please let me know what you think and recommend places to go.




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